My Grandmother

Today it finally happened.  My grandmother passed away this morning at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY.  I've been pretty sleep deprived the last couple of weeks just dealing with things and trying to overall get things together.  I've been disrespecting my alarm clock's 4 AM ringing and woke up late today: 6:30 AM.  My mother... Continue Reading →

Braiding Hair

While Cydney has what would be colloquially known as "good hair" its still a lot for me to deal with.  I'm a guy.  I have a little more experience than most guys with hair because I had two separate five and six  stints with long hair.  Still, I never braided it and not until Timile got sick... Continue Reading →

Oh Really?

As a parent I've noticed that the two words I say the most (other than No Cydney!) are "Oh Really?" My nephew is six years old. I lived in Atlanta from when he was born until he was about four and then I lived in Buffalo and Virginia. With that said, I didn't get gradual... Continue Reading →

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