Hopefully Alicia Keys’ New Album Will Make People Leave Her ‘Blended Family’ Alone

Social media: the magical place where everyone is a judge or critic while lacking context, experience, or expertise. I love the creativity it has spawned…even if a lot of the content lacks substance. Alicia Keys’ newest album, Here, is available in all media outlets (streaming, stores, and iTunes) today (November 4). Rooted in soul, gospel, […]

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Growing Up Is Fun

  “You’re going to be an adult much longer than you will a kid…so enjoy this time.”  I have said this to Cydney and nephew on numerous occasions.  Typically it is after one of them laments that adults get to do whatever they want and I shoot that one down right away.  However, if I […]

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

One of my best friends since high school got remarried this past Friday in Tennessee. He moved down there almost two years ago for his dream job and was in the midst of a nasty divorce. They had two children together and through it all he has been a great father to them. In May […]

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Love is Not Patient…

“I don’t take any days off.”  Timile didn’t have any response to that statement.  I had finally shut her up. It was the summer of 2009 and I was selling cars.  I worked seventy-five hours a week trying to convince affluent Atlanta suburbanites to buy Volkswagens for commissions.  I hated the job; but I loved […]

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Slow It Down

“Sometimes I think I’m from another world (Preach!).  When I’m tryna tell a girl exactly where I stand at. I want a girl when I want a girl.  And when I don’t want a girl, I want a girl who understands that.” Yesterday, I was at the grocery store with my nephew and Cydney.  My […]

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