My Therapy Journey

It was long overdue: I have begun cognitive behavioral therapy. My friends and family’s response to the news has been both congratulatory and “Finally! It’s about time!” followed with an inquiry about what I’ve learned so far.

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Being Aware of Breast Cancer

One is never fully aware of cancer until it affects someone they know personally. We all know someone who has been affected by it. However, it just doesn’t hit home until that one person you knew one way begins to slow down, goes bald from chemo, fingers get dark from neuropathy, has scars from surgery, […]

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Cydney Grieving Her Loss

I know…I haven’t been posting anywhere near as frequently as I’d like to or used to. I’ll work on that. I have plenty of stories to tell. Cydney has been going through some changes over the last month or so. She had been making so much progress since she started daycare. She was finally getting […]

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I Want To See Timile

I told Cydney that Timile died yesterday… After a long day of interviews, filming, and a meet and greet Cydney and I were taking the Long Island Railroad home. Trying to keep Cydney from falling asleep a little too early (it was 9 PM) without her bath and nightly rituals I was going over our […]

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Thirty Months/Two Years Ago

As of today, Cydney is two and a half. While it’s been a very long twenty-nine months and twenty-two days, swiftly it has flown by. After another night of watching Pitch Perfect and Cydney refusing for me to put her to bed, I’m up doing what I do just about every night: reflecting. Tonight, I […]

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. I was talking to my mother the other day about it and she said she didn’t say that it was a big deal. I said to her “That’s a lie. As a parent,  Mother’s Day is a step above work being cancelled for the day and a step below your birthday.” She laughed […]

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