Remembering B.I.G. 20 Years After the Death of Tupac Shakur

Deuteratagonist: the second most important character to a protagonist that may switch from being with or against the protagonist, depending on the plot or conflict.  There is no better word to describe the dynamic of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace in their individual Greek tragedies. Today marks the 20th year that many of us remember where... Continue Reading →


Other than Sofia the First, Cydney's favorite Disney Princess is Pocohantas.  It's her favorite princess toy to play with.  Because we watch a Sing-A-Long DVD daily, she has to play with Pocohantas in water while singing Just Around the River Bend. Everything is Pocohantas.Saturday afternoon, we were watching Disney Jr and a commercial came on... Continue Reading →

Pitch Perfect

 Every parent has that one movie that they have to watch repeatedly because their children love it.  Usually, its some obnoxious animated movie that consists of lots of singing hokey but very catchy songs.  I remember when my little cousin was a baby, her movie was Save the Last Dance.  Whenever I'd babysit, my aunt would... Continue Reading →

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