The Death of Single Dadventures

For years I have been writing about a friendship with one person…I fell in love with my best friend. I celebrated the new year with my girlfriend in her hometown; it was quite an experience. I saw an America that only existed in my childhood memories in social studies books I used to read to […]

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My Funny New Year Story

I forgot all about this story until last night. Twenty years ago on New Years Eve I woke up with an itch and a little scar on my neck. I went to my mother and asked her what was it. She looked concerned but didn’t say what it was. As the day went on, it […]

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Honestly after all the fanfare and revelry of counting down to midnight and the start of another year generally the morning (or afternoon) of January 1 feels like a regular day minus having to go to work and in many cases hungover. I actually feel hungover, but not from drinking or the sleep depravity. This […]

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Another Year Bites The Dust

In spite of everything that happened, 2011 wasn’t a bad year. It was rough and very trying. But it was only hard because I had to leave Timile behind. I ended the year cutting off all of my hair I’d been growing for six years and for a change I rang the new year at […]

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