Cydney, What’s Your Name?

Cydney is a personable little girl.  Everywhere we go she runs around, jumps, and draws attention to herself.  People smile at her and she is quick to draw up conversation immediately.  Usually people ask her how old is she and she responds by saying “Two!” all while holding up two fingers.  People say to her […]

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Cydney is a pretty fearless little girl. She runs, and jumps all day everyday. She jumps off of steps, and really some of anything. The first day it was nice out this spring she scraped both of her knees without shedding one tear, jumped right back up, and continued like nothing ever happened. If she […]

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A Child’s Imagination

Cydney is now two years old.  She’s going from being a baby to a person.  A toddler is still a sponge that takes everything in, but they start to put things out there as well.  They start to show signs of their own personalities and such and they can become very entertaining watching them develop. […]

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