Tweet Through It: A Parent’s Experience Through Their Child’s Preschool Spring Show

  It's about that time again...Cydney's preschool had their annual Spring Fling show. My daughter nor I couldn't be any more excited than we were for it. I couldn't wait until see my baby showcase her talents at this this particular school before starting kindergarten. Unfortunately, that means that I have to sit through all... Continue Reading →

The Homework Struggle

April 28 will mark one year since Cydney started preschool.  My first post on this blog was titled "I Wasn't Ready," in which I lamented about my then eighteen month old daughter starting daycare that ended with me saying "That first day is going to be a bitch." (Looking back at that first post made... Continue Reading →

Cydney’s First Day Of School

My first post on this blog was about how I wasn't ready for Cydney to start daycare.  After lots of going back and forth and needing the space Monday was the day.  Cydney started preschool.  I have been getting everything together for the last couple of weeks.  Medical records: check.  Uniforms: check.  Money: for the... Continue Reading →

The New Year

It seems like no matter how old we are, religion, balls dropping in Times Square, or our staff accountants start a new ledger the new year begins when school starts.  As a New Yorker, the new year begins anywhere between a day or three after labor day.  It is the time of new beginnings, starting... Continue Reading →

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