Some Hilarious Quotes From Cydney

At church: Cydney: We have to go upstairs. Me: Why? Cydney: To Praise the Lord! Cydney: Daddy! Me: Yes? Cydney: Ummm, nothing! Me: Really? Cydney: Yep. During bedtime: "I need all these covers, yo." Cydney: Tomorrow's my birthday. Me: No, your birthday is Valentine's Day. Cydney: My birthday is everyday. Me: Cydney, you gotta stop... Continue Reading →

Return of Cyndey Quotables!

"I'm crying my tears out.  That wasn't me crying my heart out, daddy." "My toys is getting on my nerves!" Me: Cydney what are you eating?Cydney: I was eating my spit. "The police are driving Nunu (my grandmother who recently passed) to heaven so she can recharge" A three year old's thoughts on childbirth: "Because I was in my... Continue Reading →

More Cydney Quotables

It's been two weeks so here are some more of the wonderful things my daughter has to say. While being given a bath by my sister: Courtney: Cydney, get in the tub. Cydney: It's too wet! On a swing in the park while laughing: "Daddy, you're hilarious! You're a genius! You're disgusting!" While my mother... Continue Reading →

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