My Sick Day

When you do a lot on very little sleep, eventually you will crash. Your body will say “Chill,” overheat, and shut everything down. That’s how I felt yesterday morning when I woke up. I was achy all over and feeling out of it. My nephew was having some stomach issues so he didn’t make it […]

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Summer Vacation

“Daddy, your eyes are bleeding!”-Cydney looking at my bloodshot eyes. I haven’t been on my game like I usually am as far as posting daily.  I’ve been incredibly tired.  There’s been a lot going on and its got me worn out.  Summertime is in full swing here which means that children are looking to be […]

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Thrown Off

I’ve been a little off my game recently. I usually write my posts somewhere between 11:30 PM and 9 AM. I haven’t had writer’s block or anything, I’ve just been sleeping. For the last week or so as soon as Cydney passes out I’ve been following right behind her. Usually with big plans of quiet […]

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