Soccer Dad Chronicles: Week 3

Sorry for the hiatus:  My computer and phone have not allowed me to be great.  I plan on making up for it by posting twice a day for the remainder of the week to catch up. After having the week off because of Easter Cydney was looking forward to getting back on the field and […]

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Cydney loves to play soccer. It’s been one of her favorite games to try to play for the last seven months or so. I’ve been taking her to the field on Saturdays to informally introduce her to the game, watch the kids play, and encourage her interest so that she can begin to take lessons […]

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Tre was my best friend in high school. We met when I moved out to Long Island from Queens during my first week of school playing JV football. Tre got benched during the first game of the season for something that wasn’t his fault; but I just started talking shit to him while he was […]

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