In Full Swing

I was hoping that it wouldn't be as bad as others made it out to be, but the Terrible Twos are here! Some of the phases Cydney seemed to have gone through before within the last year but many characteristics have come back with a vengeance. For example, when I first got Cydney back from... Continue Reading →

Prayers At Night

In the ever evolving bedtime saga I am always adding and subtracting from the rituals to perfect this going to bed thing. After bathtime, a good massage and lotioning the lights go out and we sing Mommy's Lullaby and now she briefly calms down and sings along. Eventually she continues to jump on me until... Continue Reading →

Toddler Turn Up

Toddler Turn Up: an extreme term describing the combination the terrible twos and a colloquial term meaning to  go hard (invented last night). Yesterday evening got interested. As we have established on this blog so far, well let us reestablish for the new followers and readers. Cydney is a pretty wild toddler. She like toddlers... Continue Reading →

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