Cydney’s Lament

A little over a week ago I wrote about how Cydney is grieving the loss of her mother. Somehow I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen, but it was inevitable. I hate to use the term “acting out,” so I’ll say that she is expressing a brand new feeling that she doesn’t know how to […]

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Cydney Grieving Her Loss

I know…I haven’t been posting anywhere near as frequently as I’d like to or used to. I’ll work on that. I have plenty of stories to tell. Cydney has been going through some changes over the last month or so. She had been making so much progress since she started daycare. She was finally getting […]

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Cydney’s First Day Of School

My first post on this blog was about how I wasn’t ready for Cydney to start daycare.  After lots of going back and forth and needing the space Monday was the day.  Cydney started preschool.  I have been getting everything together for the last couple of weeks.  Medical records: check.  Uniforms: check.  Money: for the […]

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Soccer Dad Chronicles: Week 1

Yesterday I wrote for Mommynoire about Cydney being the only black girl on her soccer team.  Of course I wanted to share the full experience with you guys.  I was very entertained.   The morning started off with me getting all of Cydney’s things together.  I was pretty geeked about the whole thing because this […]

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