Taking and Recognition

When I went out of town this weekend, my sister and my godmother watched Cydney. I had very long day Sunday so my godmother stayed until yesterday. Seeing that I was visibly tired, she sat me down to see what’s going on with me. I told her last night was a sleepless night. She asked […]

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What A Day (Stuck In Newark)

Ok, the plan for today was to get take the train into Newark, NJ to fly to Buffalo.  I’m flying Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t have any direct flights to Buffalo from New York.  Fine.  The lesser of the evils would be flying from Jersey, connect in Baltimore, and then off to Buffalo.  Sounds simple, right? […]

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Sandy Dodging: DC Edition

I left Atlanta Thursday morning. We had an 11:30 flight. Being that I was trying to get the best deal I could at the last minute I booked my flight through Priceline. William Shatner did a decent job but he negotiated layovers in Cleveland on the way and Washington Dulles on the way back. I […]

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The Fugees

The Adventures of a Single Dad was definitely an appropriate name for this blog. I don’t necessarily think of myself as a typical person but I tend to find myself in atypical situations. Well, more or less they find me. I came down to Atlanta to hang out, see some and reconnect with friends and […]

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The Flight

Today didn’t go so bad. Cydney behaved just as well as a child could on a flight. A little fussing but an average amount that a toddler does.  Our first flight was from New York to Cleveland. It wasn’t until I got on the plane I realized that the TSA never gave me back my […]

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The Night Before the Flight

Cydney knows something is going on. Our schedule has been different than normal and she’s picking up on the vibe. As opposed to our daily television watching and going for a walk to take a nap we took the Long Island Railroad into Queens and went shopping on Jamaica Avenue aka “The Ave” to get […]

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