The Rash Struggle

As a former child and as an adult I’ve learned that boys and girls are a little different. If you didn’t know how or why in fifth grade you learn. Logistically speaking this could have ramifications starting early. All babies get rashes. Due to the major difference between boys and girls, they are much more likely to get rashes. They require a lot more cleaning and sensitivity because some of anything can get up in different creases and chemically throw things off.

Cydney has had plenty of rashes. Not due to negligence but things happen. She may have fallen asleep and let off in her diapers, or it just happening. Well, coming back home from DC Cydney has had a doozy of a rash. When we got to the airport I knew I needed to change her diaper. However, we got there so late we just made our flight with two minutes to spare. Alright, as soon as the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign we’re going to pull a Michael Jackson and make that change.

I took Cydney to the back and her number two was a faint red. Of course I was concerned because you always are when you see red. Since it wasn’t blood red I just thought it was food or something she ate. She was being way more reluctant to let me change than she normally is. In this flight she was sitting on my lap and rubbing against my leg the whole time.

A little after we got home she was crying. I thought it was because she was tired. I did her final change for the night and noticed that her diaper was really red. I investigated and she had a rash so raw it was bleeding. Oh no. I’d never seen this. I put some Caldesine powder on and rocked her to sleep. I knew it was about to be on.

Every time she went to the bathroom she would cry in pain probably because wetness was aggravating it. I got some Destin because it is cooling. However, as cakey as it gets this was becoming a problem because she wouldn’t let me change her and was putting up a major fight. I could understand that. The next thing I tried was Gold Bond baby powder. It seems to be working the best, absorbs well and isn’t as much of a hassle to clean.

Three days later, she still has the rash because its gonna take a while to heal. While she is still putting up a fight for changing and particularly the wiping she’s not putting up as much of a fight or showing as much discomfort. It takes time…and all you can do is just power through it. Eventually it will be alright. There are lots of remedies. They all work, they just may not work depending of severity or the child. Sometimes it takes tryingva few different things but eventually you’ll get there. We did!

One thought on “The Rash Struggle

  1. *Knock on wood* We have been very lucky. In Olivia’s almost 11 months of life…she has never had a diaper rash. Ever.
    To prevent diaper rash since the day she was born we have put vaseline on her. In her groin, her perineum and her bum. Every diaper change, she gets vaseline. It does wonders!


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