Three Personality Traits

My friend asked me on Friday if I could to describe three personality traits that could describe her. I thought that was challenging because I don’t normally describe Cydney by traits.  I had to really think about it because in general I just describe her as having a lot of personality. So, after thinking about it for a few days here’s my answer.

Outgoing: while Cydney does a great job tending to herself she loves to be out and about. She likes to interact with any and everyone. The last time I took her out with me to dinner she wanted to get up, walk around, and mingle. She struck up conversation with some of everyone. If there is an audience she will command that they eyes are on her and looks for a reaction from others. While being outgoing she is pretty shy so don’t put her on the spot because she’s gonna shut it down.

Demanding: Cydney knows what she wants. She will make sure we all know it. If she is thirsty, she will come out of the kitchen with a cup and drink expecting it to be poured for her. Yesterday Cydney said she wanted some blueberries. She said it once or thrice and then got my coat and gave it to me. She literally would not resr until she had those blueberries.

Just as I wrote it

Flirtatious: the other side of being demanding is to do it with charm. Cydney is a little too good at that to be so young. She negotiates with me because I am “Chad” or “Uncle Chad” unless she wants something. Then and only then do I become “Daddy.” I don’t know where this behavior comes from but I think it’ll be good when she’s older to be able to charm your way in and out of just about anything.

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