Starting Preschool At Home With Cydney


Cydney may not be in school, but we’re starting homework. She’s really smart and it’s time to get started. My mother came up with the idea of giving her stuff to do that kids in preschool do. She has a book where we’re starting off with sight words, coloring in shapes, and counting. She can already identify colors in English, a few in Spanish, and can count to ten in both languages (she’s been able to do that for well over a year). I looked up a decent preschool schedule so I can get her acclimated before she starts hopefully in April.

I’m also going to work on her Spanish. Mine is God awful now, but if I practice and just read to her she’ll pick it up. She knows what it is. When I say to her “hola” she responds “I’m not Dora!”

Here are some pictures from the first session:




She's a lefty but she will switch it up.

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